Solaro processors and expansion frames: Version update Solaro.

Added by Hylke Woudt 29 days ago

Production of Solaro is moved to a new facility with ISO certified production line.
At the same time QR1, FR1 and the i/o cards have got a facelift.
QR1 and FR1 have got new front panel design, QR1 can only be powerd via PoE after this update as the 12 volt input is removed.
The i/o cards have a new backplate. All cards are compatible throughout the versions.

XTouch Hardware: Discontinuation of XTouch50, introduction XTouch55

Added by Hylke Woudt 29 days ago

XTouch 50 will be discontinued with a final order date around August 2021.
A direct replacement for this product will be available from around September 2021. The XTouch 55 is identical except for a .5” larger display, providing increased screen real estate and resolution, while maintaining single-gang junction box mounting functionality.


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